Listing a Wedding Registry

August 3rd, 2012 by Pat Peterson

Listing a Wedding Registry 9 Listing a Wedding RegistryWhile June may be the prime month for getting married, there really never is a bad month to walk down the aisle.

With that being said, where a couple is registered is one of the important “To-Do’s” on the planning list. As more grooms become more involved in the wedding planning, those looking to purchase a nice gift for the soon-to-be couple have more options to choose from.

Despite more men getting involved in such matters, it still traditionally falls upon the woman to announce where she is registered for what is likely the biggest day of her life.

In the event you find yourself in that position, there are some tips that you should follow to make things run more smoothly. Among which are:

1. When to register? – This is probably the most asked question that brides and in a number of cases their grooms will ask the experts. It is typically best to wait in the range of three to six months prior to the big day. Keep in mind that not only are the bulk of gifts purchased prior to a day or so of the shower or ceremony, but stores turn over merchandise so quickly that any gifts you select too far ahead of time could be discontinued. Most people place the registry cards in the invitations, and the majority of invitations are mailed out at least two months ahead of time;

2. How Do I Announce Where I am Registered ? – Given the fact that it is oftentimes considered not proper to place registry cards in with the wedding invitations themselves, most experts will advise brides-to-be to place the cards in with the shower invitations. Future brides can also put together a wedding Website with their significant other, noting that guests can visit the site for more information on potential wedding gifts;

3. Where Should I Register? – This oftentimes proves to be one of the most pressing questions for the upcoming bride. In the event you and your guy will be inviting a fair amount of guests from across the state or nation, it is best to look for a larger chain store as opposed to a local venue. The other nice thing with going with something nationally is that the item can be returned if need be provided there is a receipt to go with it. Also make it a point to select those stores that you would typically shop at so it makes not only easier to return something if need be, but you stand a better chance of getting something you actually want;

4. Can I Go with an Online Selection? – As the Internet continues to go boom, it should not come as a surprise that more and more couples are signing up with online sites. Not only does this make it easier for the couple-to-be, but also for those shopping for them, be it for housewares or even clothing items such as something from Stylin Online. Online retailers typically ensure a quick turnaround time for gifts, so that is a bonus too. If going the online route, make sure the site has a good history, does not deal with tons of complaints, and has a good return policy;

5. What are Normal Registry Selections? – Even though some folks may consider registering to be a difficult task, it really should not prove so. It is best to register for items that are practical, not overly expensive, and are easy to shop for. It is always best to select items that you both need and like. If you really do not need or want a toaster, by all means do not put it on the list. Remember, how many toasters do you really need at the end of the day? Since guests are nice enough to purchase a gift for you and your groom-to-be, don’t go out of your way to make it difficult on them. Among the more practical and popular items would be bakeware, blenders, coffee cups, glasses, plates, silverware, bedding, bathroom towels, clocks, shelving and other furniture items.

Getting married should be one of if not the happiest days in your lives.

Make the wedding registry a gift that both you and your soon-to-be spouse will remember forever.

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